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My name is Laila Stava Rasmussen. My husband, Mathias, and I live on the island Karmøy on Norway's west coast with our dogs. We have two grown children that have moved out. We have three grandsons, two of them twins, and three bonus grand kids that I spend as much time as I can with. I love the way the dogs are around them. And the way that the kids interact with the dogs.

I have a small office job. This means I have much spare time to spend with our dogs. I train them, and go for long walks at the beach and in the meadows. 

I love to learn something new all the time, and I am always searching for more knowledge. I am lucky to have met some wonderful ladies and gentlemen that have been active in the breed for many years, and who breed dogs that are close to the standard, that give me advice and support. I am so grateful to know them.

Our dogs live with us in the house as family members, and we do not sell dogs to people who keep their dogs kenneled on a regular basis. Our puppies are raised in family environment, with socialization as number one priority.


 My goals as a Boston terrier Breeder are:


1. Breeding for the best health.  - We do  extensively health testing on our dogs, and will only breed dogs of the best health. The dogs are DNA tested for early onset hereditary cataracts and eye examined (ECVO) for cataract and other eye decease regularly until old age, examined for patella luxation, heart examined and ex-rayed for defects in the spine.

2. Breeding for the typical Boston Terrier temperament.  – We will breed dogs who are lively, happy and friendly dogs. Great family dogs!

3. Breeding for the best possible conformation. – We will strive to breed towards the Boston Terrier Standard.

4. Breeding for good structure. – Structure is an important part of a dogs movement, if the dog is knitted the right way, it’s movement should be effective and free. When I say “healthy” I'm thinking mainly about defects in structure that can be painful or put limit the mobility of the dog. I test for different issues that are structure related as well as health related, like back x-ray and patella luxation.

I will breed when I am planning to keep a puppy, and will thereby occasionally, but rarely, have puppies for sale. Plans will be announced in the planned litters section. 


Contact us by mail for more information about our future plans or to let me know you are interested in one of our puppies.

We would like to know as much as we can about you.




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