NORD Ch Heureka Beauty Gremlins

Sire:   WW-09-12 EUW-08 MultiCh.Ax Dagbej

Dam:  SK Ch Gold Gelb Box Csini

DOB: 27 Jul 2012


*Nordic Champion
*Norwegian Champion
*Danish Champion
*Swedish Champion


9x CAC - 6x r.CAC

3x CACIB - 1x r.CACIB

3x BOB - 7x BOS


#7 Boston Terrier puppy 2013 NBTK

1x BIG4

2x BOB puppy - 1x BOS puppy

Jezzy is the mother of our B- and D-litters
and retired from breeding

Jezzy Boston Terriers Mollyville Norway.jpg
Jezzy Boston Terriers Mollyville Norway.jpg

Jezzy 10 weeks old
Jezzy 10 weeks old



Health Tests

26. Sept 2014: Patella Luxation: Normal 0/0 (Official)

14. Febr 2014: X-ray spine: Normal

16.June 2014: ECVO: Atresi Punctum Lacrimatis

20. Dec 2013: Dna tested CLEAR of Early onset Hereditary Cataracts (HSF4) Certificate # BJ1516

27. July 2013: ECVO: Atresi Punctum Lacrimatis

17. June 2013: Heart Ultra Sound: Normal

18. Jan 2013: Patella Luxation Normal 0/0