Our Boys


Mollyville's First I Stole The Show

Kygo is our male keeper from our F-litter.
He is very affectionate, and loves to cuddle on the sofa. He loves people, from the littlest babies to adults and old people. Anyone who can pet and give treats are his friends. 

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Kait Klassik Zealous Kiss

Ivan is a very easy going dog. He loves playing - by himself as well as with the other dogs and children. He is our only dog who don't mind the rain and wind, and loves to be outdoors no matter how hot or cold it gets. He is also very independent. He loves all dogs and all humans. One cannot help but fall in love with his sweet character.
He is the Sire of our E-litter.

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Mollyville's Castle Of Midnight Sun

Sam is our keeper from the C-litter. He is a very friendly and good boy. He is playful and well behaved, and loves everything we do. He loves beeing petted, and looks allmost like a kitten when he tries to make us reach just the right spot. He knows a few tricks and makes us laugh every day. 

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