Our Girls

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Hecuba I'm An Icon Keep Your Eyes On

Olive is our import from Cyprus. She is energetic, loving, playful and just a doll to have in the house. She is our shadow anywhere we go. She loves children.
She is the mother of our H-litter.



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F61A2224_red Mendie og Snoopy 2 uker gam



Mollyville's Eternal Sunkissed Girl


Mendie is our keeper from our E-litter. She is a sweet girl. She will charm you with her big round eyes so you can't tell her "no", and gets her way every time. Every night she crawls into my lap for cuddle time. She will "ask" me to remove all electronic devices and just concentrate on the two of us.

She is the mother of our G-litter.


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Mollyville's Fire To The Rain

Adele is our keeper from our F-litter. 

She is calm and easy going. She knows how to show off, even the first time in a lead. She is very charming and fun, a bit mischevious, curious and generally just a silly girl. If she doesn't get the attention she deserves, she will claim it. She makes the funniest "hear me" voices.


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F61A1288_Sunny 6 uker drektig..jpg


Mollyville's Adventure O Sunderella


Sunny is the first born boston terrier at Mollyville Bostons, and our keeper from our A-litter. She is active, funny, and likes to tease the other dogs until they chase her. She has a big personality, very happy and loves attention. She thinks our master bedroom is hers, and will allways try to get into the bed and cover herself in the duvet. 

She is the mother of our C- E- and F-litters, and retired from breeding.


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