Summer vacation - Scandinavian show tour

July was a month of driving around Scandinavia. Jezzy and Molly stayed with friends, while we brought Nico, Sunny, Aurora and two puppies in the camper car. We started July 2. and drove to Trondheim to visit Marit at Skin-Deep's kennel. On the way we met a puppy buyer and let Destiny - now Mille - off on friday morning.

Saturday we went to an international show in Trondheim, where we showed Aurora to BOB puppy. Happy and proud we celebrated this at Marit's place with a delicious salmon she had fished herself!

We drove down Sweeden, spending time seeing the wonderful countryside, stopping where we wanted and just relaxing. We made a stop at a previous puppy buyers place. Jessica and Emil, their boxer Ozzy and our own Ebbot (Mollyville's Adventure Of Oliver) who is 22 months old. Ebbot already has a few titles in obedience and rally obedience on his record, and we are all very proud of him.

After showing the dogs two days in Sweeden where we didn't have the success we hoped for, and meeting up with Maritha who came to pick up Faith who will stay in our kennel, having bacalao and drinks with some friends on the grounds, the trip continued to Denmark. There we had a few days just relaxing and shopping, before another show weekend. We showed Nico, who got the CAC we had hoped for, and he became Danish Champion on day one, and became best champion with club CAC the next two days. Sunny was best junior bitch all three days, but sadly she didn't get ck and go to the next level. Well, there is always next year.

The day after the show was a long one, we drove through Denmark, Sweden and south of Norway to get to Maritha, where we dropped off Aurora and picked upp Jezzy and Wendy, wich is Faith's new name. Today we drove back home, Molly came back, Leia is still at our neighbour's house, the night was a rollercoaster with unforseen things happening, that made the day hard, but it all ended well in the end. Oh, it's great to be home!!

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