Ebbot making history in Sweden

Saturday 12. of September, Mollyville's Adventure Of Oliver - aka Ebbot - and his owner Jessica Hallén, started in apell class Tracking at Nora BHK, Sweden. Ebbot is the first Boston Terrier in Sweden to start in working class. Even more impressive is that hey won and was moved up to the next class level. There are no intertitles in Tracking, but I am sure he will continue to move up trough the levels as time goes by. We are so proud of his success, and so impressed and thankful to Jessica who is a great trainer. Ebbot has been trained and competed in Obedience where he was moved up from level I with god points, and shortly after obtaining the title LPII in level II. He's soon ready for level III. He also competes in Rally Obedience Where he has gained the titles RLD N (beginner) and RLD F (continuance). He also has taken and been approved Mental Test for Dogs (BPH). He has done very well, and gained all titles before the age of 24 months! We are sure the future holds great things for Ebbot and Jessica!

We proudly present:

RLD N RLD F LPII Mollyville's Adventure Of Oliver - Ebbot

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