Presenting the Castle litter

Maybe you have been on our puppy page and seen pics of the puppies already, but I still want to share some pics of them at 8 weeks old. We are very happy with this litter, and have, as always, put a lot of time and effort in making them as ready as possible for what life brings. They are well socialised, used to handling by us, kids, elders, and have met a selection of different breed dogs. They have been car trained, litter box trained. They have played putside in snow and mild weather, started house breaking, and so forth. In addition to this, they of course have been to visit the vet, been health checked, vaccinated and Id-chipped. This is Sam, he has a lovely caracter and temperament. Outgoing and curious. We think he have potential to be our next show star. He will be co-owned with Wibeke and Andreas, and live with them in Kopervik, Norway.

Sam 8 weeks old

This is Emma, the only girl in the litter. She is a brave and curious girl, allways looking for the next adventure. We are keeping all rights on this girl, and she will live with Camilla, Jan Egil and their two boys in Kristiansand, Norway. We hope this girl is a new star for Mollyville.

This is Diesel. He is a very outgoing boy, loves people. He will live with Naomi and Inge, their two children, two cats and horse.

This is Theodor, he is an outgoing and curious little guy.

He will live with Kristine, her Boxer Tara and cat Sara.

This is Quincy, the snugglebunny of the litter. He loves to cuddle, and is the calmest of the five. Not scared of anything, but uses a little more time to investigate before jumping in.

He will move to Sweden and live with Gudrun, Roland and their bostons and pug. He will pursue a carreer in agility and conformance shows, and maybe one day become their next stud dog.

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