National Show - Manger

BOB for 9 month old Mollyville's Believe In Magic, aka Franklin! We are so happy and proud of our young boy! He won the CAC and the breed from junior class over 2 champions yesterday. This was his second show as an adult. I was so thrilled about getting the CAC, and the BOB was an unexpected, fantastic icing on the cake! The jugde adored his "stage presence", elegant and correct movement, and said he has a great future ahead of him. Picture from group. Judge: Harsányi, Péter

C.I.B DK N CH Sunwood Cleared For Take Off, our own Nico, was shown to get some training before heading abroad this spring/summer, got EXC CQ 2nd Champion and 3rd male.

Phoenix Rising I'll Double Dare You Mollyville, aka Ziggy, who were a bit unsure about the whole thing, did not initially want to walk or stand at the table. He defenately did not want to show his teeth. The judge was very nice about it, and said he would be brilliant with a bit more training. He finally ended up BOS puppy with very promising. We were very happy with this result, but most of all about the fact that he loosened up and walked quite easily in the BOB/BOS competition.

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