Double National Show - Varhaug Norway

We had an amazing weekend showing some of our dogs at a double National Show at Varhaug Norway!

Our Champions Nico and Jezzy, had to stand in the shadow of our youngsters Franklin and Wendy, our new up and coming stars.

Our homebred girl Mollyville's Believe In Faith, Wendy was BOS both days, recieving super critiques and two CAC. She cannot recieve any more before the age of two, so I guess now the waiting time starts. She also was BOS jr Saturday and BOB jr Sunday.

Wendy Day one, BOS jr, BOS, CAC

Our homebred boy, Mollyville's Believe In Magic, was #2 male both days, and got the CAC Saturday. Sunday we had to tell the judge "no thank you, he already has his two CAC from national shows". Franklin was BOB jr Saturday and BOS junior Sunday. Our newest import, co-owned with Marlene Weiss, was BOS puppy both days. He got great critiques both days, just needs more confidence. Judges: Saturday Svend Bjørnes Sunday: Ms Linda Mills

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