Happy Birthday to our Believe litter!

Yesterday our Believe litter was one year old. We kept Wendy and Franklin from this litter, Wendy lives with us here at Mollyville, and franklin lives in Kopervik with Rada and Ahmed until their daughter is ready to take him home to Oslo with her. We sold Mille to Anne, who lives in Oslo, Norway. These three dogs posess so much energy between them, they are high and low. But also likes to have a nice cuddle time in the sofa with their families. They love everything fun, and makes their people laugh every day. Just like a Boston Terrier should. Franklin and Wendy both have two CAC from national shows, and tomorrow we are hoping to get the major CAC from NKK International show in Ålesund, Norway. There is a large entry, so it will not be easy. But we will take our best shot, and see what happens. Here are some pictures of Franklin and Wendy from today!

Franklin 1 year old

Wendy 1 year old

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