International Show - Drammen Norway

Results from today's show in Drammen: Puppies: Mollyville's Castle Of Midnight Sun - BOB BIG2 Mollyville's Castle Of Rosy Sunset - 2. female puppy Judge breed: Rune Arvid Lysgård Judge group: Leif Belgen Adults: Mollyville's Believe In magic - 1. junior male 3. male - CRUFTS qualified for 2017 (we had to turn down the CAC for the third time, as he already has his limited two from national + one international shows) Phoenix Rising Giddy Up Cowboy 4 Mollyville - 5. male r.CAC Mollyville's Believe In Faith - 1. junior female 4. female - CRUFTS qualified for 2017 Judge: Anthony Kelly

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