#2 Most Winning Boston BTCA Norway 2016

The most winning list from Norwegian Boston Terrier Club (NBTK) is in, and I am very proud to see that I have four dogs in the lists.

#2 ADULT Mollyville's Believe In Faith (Wendy). She has done so well this year, with 3x CAC in Norway, 1x CAC in Denmark, 2x Crufts Qualifications and 1x CACIB. She has a BOB and a BOS at NKK shows, wich made her #3 on NKK's most winning list, only passed by two champion males, one being her own father.

#8 ADULT Mollyville's Believe In Magic (Franklin). He performed very well, showed 8 times in Norway, with 3x CAC, 1x CAC in Denmark, 2x Crufts Qualifications. He was #3 male on the NBTK's speciality show.

#1 PUPPY NORDJV-16 Mollyville's Castle Of Midnight Sun (Sam). His debut has been unreal. He has multiple group placing, and started his show carreer with a BIS all breed. He has many BOB, and a BOS from NBTK specialty show. From September, he started showing in junior class, and got 2x CAC in his two first shows, then went to Denmark and was Nordic Junior Winner 2016.

#6 PUPPY Mollyville's Castle Of Rosy Sunset (Emma). She has also done well, and with 3 BOB and 2 BOS, made it up the list.

We are so thankful to all who have helped us along the way, breeders of our dog's parents, co-owners.

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