Mollyville's two first home bred champions - Franklin and Wendy - National Show - Orre

Yesterday our dogs from the Believe-litter entered a show for the first time in a very long time, and at age two years and one day, they both finished their Norwegian and Danish Champion titles. The age limit is 24 months. We have four champions already, but I have to admit, that it felt extra good to have finish our first home bred dogs.

From our litter of one, the Danze litter, little only child and energy bomb, Thrille showed for the first time. I loved it. She is a Thrill in every way! Mollyville's Believe In Magic was EXC - CQ - CAC - 1st male - BOB - Group 3 and a NEW Norwegian and Danish Champion. We were already so happy to have him finish, that the BOB was a topping on the cake, and being placed in group was the fireworks in the sky! We are so proud of Franklin who showed like a pro despite not having been at a show for almost a year.

Mollyville's Believe In Faith was EXC - CQ - CAC - 2nd bitch and a NEW Norwegian and Danish Champion. I am so grateful her new owners let me show her and complete her championship. She is a perfect little show star.

Mollyville's Danze To Thrill entered her first puppy show at 5 months old, and was 1st in class - 1st bitch - BOS. Thrille is a little energy bomb like her mother, and so much fun to show. Just need a bit table practice...

N DK CH Mollyville's Believe In Magic GROUP 3

N DK CH Mollyville's Believe In Magic BOB with CAC and New CHAMPION Bos: Lazara's Joyful Tuulikki, owned by Stine Sleveland, handler Eli Eriksson Sætre

N DK CH Mollyville's Believe In Faith 2 bitch with CAC and NEW CHAMPION 1st bitch Lazara's Joyful Tuulikki owned by Stine Sleveland, handler: Eli Eriksson Sætre

Black Indian's Qamo BOB puppy, owned by Janne Seldal-Kristiansen Mollyville's Danze To Thrill BOS puppy

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