National Show Ljungkile Sweden

Our vacation/ show tour is going towards the end, and today was the last show. The dogs who have been working for weekend after weekend, and have been traveling in the camper car for weeks, still had the energy and will to show well. Ivan was a bit too large for the judge, but he loved the other two, and Franklin and Sam was the only males who got CQ and got to best male class. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't even notice that Sam stacked terribly for the picture, but ooh well. At least he showed himself well before the pic was taken.

Results: NORDJV-16 Mollyville's Castle Of Midnight Sun was BOB and got the CAC.

N DK SE CH Mollyville's Believe In Magic 2. male.

Kait Klassik Zealous Kiss EXC 1. junior class.

Judge: Kurt Nilsson

BOS: Gostuen's Gipsy Rose. Owners: Bjørn Eide and Gunnar Dahl.

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