Nordic Show - Sandefjord Norway

Another day, another Show. We are vey proud that our young girl 12 months old was BOS with the kennel's first Nordic CAC (new CAC in 2018), and her third CAC. She is now fully certified for Norwegian Champion, and "just" needs to become 24 months old to complete her championship. Such a long wait... Mollyville's Eternal Sunkissed Girl BOS with CAC and NORDIC CAC

N DK SE CH Phoenix Rising Giddy Up Cowboy 4 Mollyville 2nd male with r.Nordic CAC Judge: Rodney Oldham

BOB Black Indian's Qonan BOS Mollyville's Eternal Sunkissed Girl

2. male Phoenix Rising Giddy Up Cowboy 4 Mollyville

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